Our Services

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1) We organize Powerboat Events ranging from :-
     a)  Demonstration Races involving anything from 2 to 6 powerboats
     b)  Full fledged Local Race Events involving anything from 8 to 15 powerboats
            from Peninsular Malaysia
     c)  Asia Pacific Race Events involving up to 20 powerboats from Malaysia as well as
           Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand , etc.
     d)  International Race Events involving up to 20 powerboats from Malaysia, Brunei,
           Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, etc.


2) We make available 2 seater powerboat rides
3) We conduct Powerboat Training Program for individuals as well as for groups


4) We make available for rent or sale ‘race ready’ powerboats


5) We build made-to-order F3000 championship race boats

6) We provide sponsorship and sport marketing opportunities such as (but not limited to) :-
          a)   Event sponsorship
        b)   Media sponsorship
        c)   Sponsorship of racing team(s)
        d)   Setting up booths at Powerboat Race Events
        e)   Product sponsorship at Powerboat Race Events
        f)    Painting of powerboat(s) to act as mobile billboards
        g)   Use of such powerboats for promotional events, road shows, tv commercials, etc.