Managing Director

   Robert Michael Fernandez (50 years old)
    Background :
    -         Builder of his own design of F3000 race powerboats
     -     Started out as a commercial diver in the 1980s with an obsession for marine sports
           and now specializes in underwater contruction and salvage works
     -     An avid scuba diver, he started tunnel boat racing in 1990s and has moved on to have
           the winningest F3000 Powerboat Team in Peninsular Malaysia
     -     Is in the marine engine rebuilt and service business with a motor shop that specialises
           in building F3000 race engines and gear cases
     -     Has three sons that are involved in all aspects of his efforts and hobbies that sees at
           least three members of his family participating at a race meet
     -     Extremely competitive and passionate about all things he does !