Putrajaya Race Event - 28th May 2011

posted May 30, 2011, 12:54 AM by Robert Fernandez   [ updated Apr 25, 2012, 1:46 AM ]
Pilots from left : Simon Saw, Kane Fernandez, Laurence Wong, Phat Fabes, Mellissa Yahya, Awang, Anuar Saidon and Zulfaqa Rameli
Sponsors, friends and participating teams helped made the recent F3000 Powerboat Race Event in Putrajaya a success
It has been the most daunting task in trying to put together this F3000 Powerboat Event in support of Kementerian Belia dan Sukan's Himpunan Sejuta Belia in Putrajaya on the 27-29
May 2011.
We had to surmount numerous challenges including (just to name a few) :-
1) For the first time in the history of organization of F3000 Powerboat Race Events, there
    was no financial or any kind of support given at all
2) Having to pay out of our own pockets for every single support services required
3) And worst of all, in spite of the above, the event was cut short unexpectedly.
Nevertheless, we are happy and grateful for the following people who helped made this event a success :-
1) Our valued sponsors, namely DYNO-TAB/Chemplex Continental Sdn Bhd, Mercury
     Marine Sdn Bhd, G'zox/J C International Sdn Bhd, Asian Divers and Bonafide
     Resources (M) Sdn Bhd
2) Some very helpful and supportive friends (too many to name personally - you know
     who you are)
3) The participating F3000 Powerboat Team Owners who for the first time in our history
     of F3000 Powerboat Race Event, had come to support us at their own cost with no
     monetary allocation.
This race event saw Kane Fernandez of Team Fernandez Racing getting back his winning touch having finished in 1st place with Awang of Kandis Racing finishing 2nd and Simon Saw of Penang finishing in 3rd.
Anuar Saidon (Team Malaya's Dragon) who participated in this F3000 Powerboat Race Event for the second time, finished 4th twice in a row.
Mellissa Yahya, the first Malaysian F3000 Powerboat Lady Pilot who participated in this F3000 Powerboat Race Event for the first time, qualified 4th and finished a respectable 5th in an 8 boat field - crossing the finish line only 5 seconds behind 4th placed Anuar. She certainly has the guts and potential to do well in this sport. Well done !
Also first time participants, Phat Fabes of FlyFM and Laurence Wong from Singapore are commendable for their sportmanship and having finished the race safely without any untoward incident despite having done only a few practise laps in an F3000 Powerboat single seater for the first time, just prior to the race. Bravo !
Zulfaqa of Team ZRZ from Johor who entered his newly acquired boat, put up a strong challenge in the qualifying round and early stages of the race before succumbing to the break-up of his wooden boat. He had shown the potential to be a good F3000 Powerboat pilot. Overall, he drove a disciplined and controlled race. Unfortunately, his boat did not hold up. We are sure he'll bounce back stronger at the next meet.
For detailed qualifying times, check out Race Results. Click for more photos, video.
A word of advice to F3000 Powerboat enthusiasts who are looking to acquire a boat for future racing campaigns, stay away from those old wooden boats. Go for the fibre composite built hull ones instead. While we are always trying to give all boat owners the opportunity to participate, but because of the recurring incidences of old wooden boats breaking and sinking during races, we strongly discourage old wooden boats from participating due to the safety risks involved as well as the potential pollution problems posed.
Last but not least, we would like to say a big Thank You ! to everybody who has been so supportive and helpful. Please accept our apologies for any shortcomings on our part. We will strive to do better the next time !
From left : Colin Ho (Dynotab) , Winners : Kane Fernandez (1st), Awang (2nd), Simon Saw (3rd) and Robert Fernandez