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Round 3 – Metropolitan Lake, Kuala Lumpur – 23 Sep 2012 - The DBKL/KBS F3000 Powerboat Championship Series 2012

posted Oct 23, 2012, 4:01 PM by Robert Fernandez   [ updated Oct 27, 2012, 5:49 PM ]

Kane Fernandez scores his second win out of three 2012 races and takes the drag race title as well

Thirteen boats registered for the 3rd round of the DBKL/KBS F3000 Powerboat Championship Series 2012 that was held in the scenic Metropolitan Lake in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur on the 22nd & 23rd Sep 2012.

For the third time in a row, Brandon Thein from Team Explorer qualified in pole position. Kane Fernandez who had clinched the drag race title a day earlier cooked a piston in his motor on the start of his qualifying run and had to join from the back of the pack in the final feature race.

The team from Kota Tinggi comprising Tony Chew and Ng Kok Siang in boats # 3 and #30 respectively started second and fourth on the grid. Awang Bara had managed to split them up in third.

At the flag off, Brandon managed to easily pull away into the lead and it appeared that he clearly had the pace. However, Kane who started from behind the pack had moved up to 5th position by the third lap and was making a gain and closing up on the race leaders.

By lap ten, Kane was within striking distance of in the lead Brandon and made his move where he got the inside lane while passing his 15 year old brother Warren in boat #16. Brandon who was desperate not to lose the lead, passed on the outside of Warren but cut in too early, into a collision course with him. To avoid ramming into Brandon, Warren who had to take sudden evasive action, swerved a little too hard and barreled rolled.

The race was red flagged as boat #16 was disabled on the racing lanes. Warren came out alright except for some cuts and bruises. He was later evacuated by the emergency team to a nearby hospital for treatment.

After the capsized boat #16 was cleared, the race was restarted with Kane in the lead followed by Brandon, Kok Siang, Tony, Awang, Scott, Keith, Zul, Haniff and Yusof Bakar from Terengganu. Kane quickly pulled away into the lead establishing a 5 second buffer and it stayed that way to the chequered flag ten laps away.

There was a keen contest between Brandon Thein and Ng Kok Siang but Kok Siang could not overhaul Brandon as hard as he tried. Scott McCook, the New Zealander who was competing in the series for the first time, drove a safe and steady race to finish sixth.

A protest lodged by Warren regarding the incident on lap number 10 involving boat #5 was subsequently investigated by the stewards. After deliberations with the Race Stewards and officials from KBS. Brandon’s style of driving was found to be (for the lack of a better word) 'RECKLESSLY DANGEROUS' and has been demoted 3 places in the final finishing order and issued a yellow card.

Brandon is still 2nd overall in the points standing and eligible to make the cut for Team Malaysia Formula 1 Powerboat squad in 2013. Let’s hope he keeps it together and not end up a “Shaun Torrente”, at the final event this December!

We would like to express our utmost appreciation to :-

a)    YB The Mayor of Kuala Lumpur;

b)    The Ketua Pengarah of KBS  and all KBS personnel who gave their full suport;

c)    Our valued sponsors particularly Mercury Marine Sdn Bhd and Dynotab/Chemplex Continental Sdn Bhd;

d)    All F3000 Powerboat Pilots and Teams who participated in the event;

e)    Last but not least, all the personnel / crew and friends who worked hard to make this event a success ...

For detailed qualifying times and final finish positions, check out Race-Results.
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Round 2 - Muar - 29 Apr 2012 - The KBS F3000 Powerboat Championship Series 2012

posted May 11, 2012, 12:48 AM by Robert Fernandez   [ updated May 14, 2012, 1:11 AM ]


Photo taken by Shukri Yaacob
Kane Fernandez takes his first win of 2012 and Brandon Thein settles for 2nd
Eleven boats registered for the 2nd round of the KBS F3000 Powerboat Top Gun Championship Series 2012 that was held in the picturesque Tanjung Emas esplanade in Muar on the 29th of April 2012.

Brandon Thein who got pole, set a blistering pace in qualifying with a 1.5 second quicker time that 2nd placed Kane Fernandez. Anuar Saidon who was struggling to set a good time in qualifying managed to get as high as 9th in the 11 boat field. He however did not make the parade lap and the race as he couldn’t start his engine as he had “fuel combustion problem” – as he later explained.

At the flag-off, Brandon apparently fumbled with his ‘in’-‘out’ trim switches and got a poor getaway that allowed Kane to draw level going into the first turn. It was almost like that into two more turns before a near collision out of turn one, where Brandon had run wide and almost bumped into Kane who had already given him a wide berth at the turn buoy. Perhaps nerves got the better on Brandon that saw him back off just a little for Kane to put down the hammer and take the lead. Kane pulled away to build a 4 second lead after 3 laps and it stayed that way till the end.

There was an early battle for 3rd position between Tony and Awang, with Tony eventually pulling ahead and securing 3rd place with a 5 second lead after 6 laps. Awang never quite troubled him after that also because Tony continuously pushed to stay ahead and there were a couple of moments when it looked like it could have gone over the edge.

Warren, the youngest son of series owner Robert Fernandez, who at 15, is currently the youngest driver in the championship, ran a steady race and finished a commendable 5th. He started 7th on the grid and had overtaken 2 boats after 3 laps to cruise home comfortably in his only second outing. Notably, he had come within “a 2 second striking distance” of 4th placed Awang before the red/checkered flag was raised (as later remarked by him).  

Suffian from Team Andrew Racing blew over on the back straight. Suffian came out all right except for some bumps and scratches but lost his boat as it sank and up till now efforts are still underway to recover it. Apparently one of the compartments must have ruptured in the crash. There was a good scrap going on between Tan and Suffian for 6th place and it kept the crowd on their toes, duly entertained. It was on one of these ‘come from behind’ manoeuvre as he tried to get the boat to fly a little bit more that resulted in the blow over.

18 laps were completed before the race stoppage and Kane who was in the lead was declared the winner (see race results). This time around, the highest percentage of boats was still running till the end. 11 boats started, 9 boats finished. Syabas! (Bravo!) to all the teams for putting up a good show.

We would like to express our utmost appreciation to :-

a)    YB The Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Dato’ Razali Haji Ibrahim for officiating the event and giving away the prizes;

b)    All KBS personnel who worked very hard and gave their full suport;

c)     The YDP and Majlis Perbandaran Muar for hosting the event;

d)    Our valued sponsors particularly Dynotab/Chemplex Continental Sdn Bhd and Mercury Marine Sdn Bhd;

e)    All F3000 Powerboat Pilots and Teams who participated in the event;

f)      Last but not least, all the personnel / crew and everybody who worked so hard to make this event a success ...

For detailed qualifying times and final finish positions, check out Race-Results.
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Round 1 - Putrajaya - 25-26 Feb 2012 - The KBS F3000 Powerboat Championship Series 2012

posted Apr 16, 2012, 2:15 AM by Robert Fernandez   [ updated Apr 25, 2012, 1:41 AM ]

Photo taken by Dennis Sim

Simon Saw takes first win with Brandon Thein taking pole and the drag race

The inaugural KBS F3000 Powerboat Top Gun Championship Series 2012 saw the biggest field to-date of some 16 boats competing for honours at the Putrajaya Maritime Centre on the weekend of 25-26 February 2012.

The qualifying session started after lunch on Saturday with the three top positions as follows : Brandon 47.3s, Kane 48.4s and Awang 48.6s. The qualifying order determined the matrix format for the drag race where Brandon came 1st, 2nd Haniff and 3rd Anuar.

Simon Saw driving boat # 7 blew an engine during practice just before qualifying and the crew could not put a motor together for him in time for qualifying and the match race. Kane Fernandez, chief mechanic for Team Fernandez Racing worked through the night to build a fresh motor for boat # 7 enabling Simon to make it for the feature race but had to start second last on the grid ahead of Colin Ho who was a last minute entry.

There was a lot of jostling for position on the parade lap and on the start, the boats were closely bunched up into the lead that made exciting and spectacular viewing even though some boats failed to keep their starting positions. Brandon pulled away at the drop of the starter’s flag, closely followed by Kane, Awang, Haniff and Anuar. The race saw some close racing between Kane and Brandon with Kane pulling ahead of Brandon coming out of the turns only to be overtaken by Brandon on the straights.

The race continued for a couple of laps before the race was yellow flagged while the rescue teams and marshals were trying to remove out of the course two boats that had broken down. A boat that had deliberately stopped on the racing line was misunderstood as a stranded craft, overwhelming the rescue efforts and this brought out the red flag, by which time, dark rain clouds as well as lightning caused the race to be stopped until further notice.

45 minutes later the rain had blown over, the weather had improved and the Event Director Raja Adam called for the race to restart. Only 11 boats made the restart as a few of the earlier survivors failed to restart their engines and a couple more were literally caught napping.

Brandon got clearly away again, pursued by Kane, Awang and Simon. Kane continued to fight hard going after Brandon and despite losing his boat’s canopy, finally managed to pass Brandon who was also eventually overtaken by Awang. Brandon’s boat was also taking in water (typical of the old wood boats).

Simon who clearly had the quickest boat made easy work of passing and putting everybody two laps down. He was later penalized for overtaking on a yellow flag and docked a lap but still deemed to have finished 1st on a countback. Kudos to Simon (1st place), Kane (2nd place) and Awang (3rd place) for a well driven race.

We would like to express our utmost appreciation to :-

a)    Dato’ Mohid, Dato’ Zaidon, En. Madzrib, and all KBS personnel for officiating the event, giving away the prizes & souvenirs and giving their full support for this event;

b)    Perbadanan Putrajaya for allowing us to use the lake this time;

c)     All Media personnel for covering this event;

d)    Our valued sponsors – Dynotab/Chemplex Continental Sdn Bhd, Echo Marine & Supply Sdn Bhd, Mercury Marine Sdn Bhd, Revive/Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd, World Motor Trader;

e)    all the Pilots / Teams who have come all the way to participate in and support this event ;

And A Very BIG THANK YOU to Everybody who has helped to make this event a success !

For detailed qualifying times and final finish positions, check out Race Results.

Click for photos, TV3-Malaysia Hari Ini, TV3-Scoreboard, Kosmo!, TV3-Nona

Putrajaya Top Gun Challenge - 2 Oct 2011

posted Oct 5, 2011, 12:47 AM by Robert Fernandez   [ updated Apr 25, 2012, 1:42 AM ]

Putrajaya F3000 Powerboat Top Gun Challenge

For the first time in a long while, an almost complete field of pilots together with boat and engine builders from Malaysia and her close neighbour Singapore converge on the scenic lake fronting the Maritime Centre in Presint 6, Putrajaya to battle it out and stake their claims. Ten invited boats made the line-up and the warm up laps during the practice / testing session showed the vast improvements in speed that all the crafts were capable of. You couldn’t tell who had the better package by just watching in the early stages.

Kane Fernandez (Boat #25 - Team Fernandez Racing) who posted a qualifying time of 45.43 second set the pace by getting more than 2 seconds ahead of Awang (Boat # 23 - Kandis Racing) in 2nd position followed by Larry Chua (Boat #16 – Team Singapore F1 NC) in 3rd, Tan Chew Peng (Boat #38 – Team Techsteel) in 4th, Keith Fernandez (Boat #1 – Team Fernandez Racing) in 5th, Laurence Wong (Boat #19 – Team Singapore F1 NC) in 6th, Anuar Saidon (Boat #68 – Malaya’s Dragon Team) in 7th, Mohd Haniff Borhan (Boat #61 – Team Fernandez Racing) in 8th, Tony Chew (Boat #3 – Team Atlantic) in 9th and Andrew Goh (Boat #89 – Team Andrew) in 10th. Andrew who had a fuel feed problem failed to get it fixed in time and eventually missed the start.

The race employed the rolling start method and Kane who set pole made a clean getaway followed closely by Awang. Anuar who had qualified 7th however failed to observe the starting grid formation and jumped the start. In 3rd position, he was savagely pursued by all three boats piloted by Keith, Tony and Larry. Most of the action was the fight for 3rd and 4th places.

First, it was hard charging Keith who managed to make a move on Anuar and get ahead to next go after Awang but just as he had overtaken Awang, he hooked, missed a turn buoy but eventually emerged to finish ahead of Awang. Next, Larry, a rookie in his first F3000 Powerboat race, got ahead of Tony and managed to make a move stick on the now 4th place Anuar and held on to that position till the end. Tony who had an engine bogging problem pulled out on lap 10. Haniff, the prince of drift (motorsports) in Malaysia, another rookie in his first F3000 Powerboat race, drove a safe and steady race and will come back stronger at the next race.

This event was also an opportunity for Laurence, Larry, Haniff and Kane to get some practice for their forthcoming participation in the F1 Nations Cup later next month in Singapore. Overall, everybody was satisfied as this time around, there was a level playing field and everybody got a chance to pit their driving abilities and machines against probably the best line up of boats in Malaysia ever.

Anuar, though finishing 5th, was disqualified for a faulted start. He had meticulously prepared his boat all through the week and was disappointed with his performance. When asked, he said he had ‘technical problems’ which needed a bit more time to resolve. However, he was very pleased with the organization of the event where he felt the conditions were good unlike the big letdown in Melaka a couple of months ago. Anuar, who hopes to race in the Formula 1 Powerboat Championship, said he’s looking forward to the next race when he hopes to have sorted out his engine package or probably come back with his new boats.

Keith, who finished 2nd was penalized for missing a turn buoy (when he hooked) and was relegated to 7th position after being docked a lap. It happened at the far corner of the racing circuit and was not noticed by the marshals but was observed by his father, Robert who brought it to the attention of the marshals and was conceded by Keith. Asked to comment on this, Robert Fernandez (Principal of Team Fernandez Racing and Managing Director of Aquatech Marine Sdn Bhd, the Official Promoter and Organizer of F3000 Powerboat Race Events) said “It would have been fantastic to have my two boys on a 1-2 finish, but it’s a sport and we play by the rules. As much as it would have given me a lot of pleasure, at races organized by us, we do not resort to or condone ‘set-ups’ (cheating) in order to get the results that we desire. We don’t need to win races that way.”

Congratulations to Team Singapore F1 NC for their very credible and gallant efforts. Onwards to Abu Dhabi and let’s bust some propellers …

We would like to express our utmost appreciation to all the Top Gun Pilots / Teams who have come all the way to participate in and support this F3000 Powerboat Race Event.

And A Very BIG THANK YOU to Everybody who has helped to make this event a success !
For detailed qualifying times and final finish position, check out Race Results

Muar Challenge - 17 Sep 2011

posted Sep 26, 2011, 12:42 AM by Robert Fernandez   [ updated Apr 25, 2012, 1:44 AM ]

1-2 Finish for Team Fernandez Racing
The father and son team of Robert and Kane Fernandez came out tops in the six boat invitational. Two boats each from Team Andrew, Malaya's Dragon and Fernandez were inviited to put up a race at the Muar river estuary in Tg. Emas, Muar in conjuction with Hari Malaysia 2011 Water Festival.
One of the boats from Team Andrew failed to arrive because of mechanical problem leaving 5 boats to battle it out. Andrew Goh (Team Andrew) drove Boat # 89, Anuar Saidon Boat # 68 & Zulfaqa Rameli Boat #88 (Malaya's Dragon Team) while Kane and Robert Fernandez (Team Fernandez Racing) Boat #25 and Boat #16 respectively.
The race format was a quick practice run followed by a twelve lap dash around a 3 pin 800m circuit. Kane and Robert pulled an early lead with Anuar and Andrew following closely behind. Zulfaqa's boat failed to make the start leaving 4 boats to battle it out.
After pulling an early lead the father and son team settled in and completed the rest of the 11 laps side by side throughout. They finished in position Kane 1st and Robert 2nd in commanding fashion. Anuar came in 3rd and Andrew 4th.
When asked about Anuar's inability to challenge the front team, he said he was struggling with 'gremlins' (problems) in his new 325HP powerplant but he's quite sure he'll come back stronger in Putrajaya on the 2nd Oct. Andrew said the lack of fitness did him in as he could not last the furious pace of the 12 laps that the front guys were setting ... 
For points awarded, check out Race Results.

Muar Challenge - 17 June 2011

posted Jun 20, 2011, 12:21 AM by Robert Fernandez   [ updated Apr 25, 2012, 1:45 AM ]

Anuar takes first win in a field decimated by attrition

The event was a five boat dash in support of Kembara Mahkota Johor. The participating pilots and teams were Anuar Saidon of Malaya’s Dragon Team, Awang Bara of Kandis Racing, Kane Fernandez of Team Fernandez Racing, Tan Chew Peng of Team Techstel and Zulfaqa Rameli of Pasir Putih Seafood Racing.


The start of the race saw Anuar taking the lead into turn 1 but was very quickly overtaken by Kane, Awang and Tan, in that order, by turn 3.


Two laps on, Awang broke a drive shaft on lap 3 and the race was yellow-flagged while his boat was being removed. That put Tan in second followed by Anuar and Zulfaqa.


Lap 8 saw Kane’s boat break a sponson after hitting a partially submerged piece of wood while at full flight and was fortunate enough to make a dash for the crane before it could sink. However, Tan who was second behind Kane and now in the lead, also pulled out from the race having mistakenly thought that the race was over, thereby handing the win to Anuar with Zulfaqa in the other remaining boat, finishing 2nd.


Congratulations to Anuar for winning the race! It was a hard fought victory. To Kane, Awang and Tan, commiserations – better luck at the next race !


For detailed qualifying times, check out Race Results.


Putrajaya Race Event - 28th May 2011

posted May 30, 2011, 12:54 AM by Robert Fernandez   [ updated Apr 25, 2012, 1:46 AM ]

Pilots from left : Simon Saw, Kane Fernandez, Laurence Wong, Phat Fabes, Mellissa Yahya, Awang, Anuar Saidon and Zulfaqa Rameli
Sponsors, friends and participating teams helped made the recent F3000 Powerboat Race Event in Putrajaya a success
It has been the most daunting task in trying to put together this F3000 Powerboat Event in support of Kementerian Belia dan Sukan's Himpunan Sejuta Belia in Putrajaya on the 27-29
May 2011.
We had to surmount numerous challenges including (just to name a few) :-
1) For the first time in the history of organization of F3000 Powerboat Race Events, there
    was no financial or any kind of support given at all
2) Having to pay out of our own pockets for every single support services required
3) And worst of all, in spite of the above, the event was cut short unexpectedly.
Nevertheless, we are happy and grateful for the following people who helped made this event a success :-
1) Our valued sponsors, namely DYNO-TAB/Chemplex Continental Sdn Bhd, Mercury
     Marine Sdn Bhd, G'zox/J C International Sdn Bhd, Asian Divers and Bonafide
     Resources (M) Sdn Bhd
2) Some very helpful and supportive friends (too many to name personally - you know
     who you are)
3) The participating F3000 Powerboat Team Owners who for the first time in our history
     of F3000 Powerboat Race Event, had come to support us at their own cost with no
     monetary allocation.
This race event saw Kane Fernandez of Team Fernandez Racing getting back his winning touch having finished in 1st place with Awang of Kandis Racing finishing 2nd and Simon Saw of Penang finishing in 3rd.
Anuar Saidon (Team Malaya's Dragon) who participated in this F3000 Powerboat Race Event for the second time, finished 4th twice in a row.
Mellissa Yahya, the first Malaysian F3000 Powerboat Lady Pilot who participated in this F3000 Powerboat Race Event for the first time, qualified 4th and finished a respectable 5th in an 8 boat field - crossing the finish line only 5 seconds behind 4th placed Anuar. She certainly has the guts and potential to do well in this sport. Well done !
Also first time participants, Phat Fabes of FlyFM and Laurence Wong from Singapore are commendable for their sportmanship and having finished the race safely without any untoward incident despite having done only a few practise laps in an F3000 Powerboat single seater for the first time, just prior to the race. Bravo !
Zulfaqa of Team ZRZ from Johor who entered his newly acquired boat, put up a strong challenge in the qualifying round and early stages of the race before succumbing to the break-up of his wooden boat. He had shown the potential to be a good F3000 Powerboat pilot. Overall, he drove a disciplined and controlled race. Unfortunately, his boat did not hold up. We are sure he'll bounce back stronger at the next meet.
For detailed qualifying times, check out Race Results. Click for more photos, video.
A word of advice to F3000 Powerboat enthusiasts who are looking to acquire a boat for future racing campaigns, stay away from those old wooden boats. Go for the fibre composite built hull ones instead. While we are always trying to give all boat owners the opportunity to participate, but because of the recurring incidences of old wooden boats breaking and sinking during races, we strongly discourage old wooden boats from participating due to the safety risks involved as well as the potential pollution problems posed.
Last but not least, we would like to say a big Thank You ! to everybody who has been so supportive and helpful. Please accept our apologies for any shortcomings on our part. We will strive to do better the next time !
From left : Colin Ho (Dynotab) , Winners : Kane Fernandez (1st), Awang (2nd), Simon Saw (3rd) and Robert Fernandez

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