How to get into F3000 Powerboat Racing

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Yes, if you have the interest / passion and reasonable means. You should also be at least 16 years old and no less than 5 feet 2 inches tall.



We run pilot/driver training clinics upon request over at a lake in the Klang Valley area. Training is done on a one-on-one basis and training programs will ideally run over a two day period (usually weekdays) where new pilots/drivers will be taught the finer points in driving and have a better understanding of Tunnel Boat Racing including a lot of seat time.


Training will cover :-
a) boat, basic engine/propeller dynamics
b) on board training in a twin seater with an instructor on board
c) progressing to solo single seater with onboard/shore radio communication / instruction
d) driving techniques, race craft, rules and safety practices.


In all aspects of our practical training sessions, safety will always be of paramount importance.


After the first two-day training session, an assessment will be made on whether further training session(s) is/are required in order to prepare him/her for a race event participation.


The candidate’s readiness will take into consideration his/her level of competency to safely participate in a race and not be a danger to himself/herself or other pilots/drivers.


Will I really have the chance to participate in a Tunnel Boat Race?

Yes, we at Aquatech Marine Sdn Bhd / Team Fernandez Racing own a stable of race ready F3000 Tunnel Boats of which at least 2 boats are available on a race rental basis complete with the necessary support equipment, crew and expertise.


We have a few race events every year in Malaysia and this will give new pilots/drivers the opportunity to participate in any of these race events once they have attained a certain level of competency.


Contact us if you are very keen and would like to find out more.
Welcome to the exciting world of Tunnel Boat Racing!
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