Team Fernandez Racing - Powerboats

Team Principal / Team Owner
: Robert Fernandez / Aquatech Marine Sdn Bhd

Boat # 1

1992 ‘Lee’ from the USA – SST120 sprint boat. LOA 16.5ft  .

Occasionally driven by Keith Fernandez

Very quick on the straights but poor turning characteristics - a handful to drive  


Boat # 6

2005 ‘Fernandez’ built

The first number 25 built for Kane Fernandez

Had a successful run for the first couple of years until the new ones came along 



Boat # 7 (Formerly #19)
An SST120 DAC replica (copy) from Abu 
Dhabi converted to F3000 specs.
Kane's new boat for 2013.
Fairuz Fauzy campaigned with this boat and triumped on both occastions 

Boat # 25

2008 ‘Fernandez’ built
One of the earlier generation carbon hulls

Boat # 9
The newest of the Fernandez hulls built in 2012.
Incorporates a reinforced cockpit with a new aerofoil deck design, thanks to the features we gathered from the DAC

Boat # 13

2010 ‘Fernandez’ built

The first of the carbon hulls built with the latest aerofoil deck design and comes with a custom made hydraulic steering system

Boat # 15

2010 ‘Fernandez’ built

Twin identical to Boat # 13

Also features carbon hull with the latest generation reinforced cockpit and custom made hydraulic steering system

Boat # 16
An SST120 DAC converted to F3000 specs Kane's new boat for 2012
Raced for the first time by Simon Saw in the inaugural KBS F3000 Powerboat Championship Series 2012 in Putrajaya in Feb 2012 - came from behind to take the checkered flag in the final feature race
It's now Warren Fernandez's dedicated ride

Boat # 33
2009 ‘Fernandez’ built
First generation carbon hull with the new aerofoil deck design.
2011 Championship winning boat for Kane Fernandez - a lot of good memories for him but it's time to move on ...
Currently on loan to Zulfaqa Rameli of ZRZ2 Racing Team 




Boat # 73

2005 ‘Fernandez’ built

Scott McCook's dedicated ride

Two seater

Hospitality cum trainer