Team Fernandez Racing - Pilots

Team Principal / Team Owner :
Robert Fernandez / Aquatech Marine Sdn Bhd


Date of birth : 16th January 1961
Nationality : Malaysian
Involvement in powerboat racing of more
than 20 years 
Shares his passion for powerboats with 
his family - has his three boys all drivng
for the team 
Date of birth : 25th December 1988
Nationality : Malaysian
Eldest son of Robert Fernandez
An accomplished commercial diver and
engine builder
Winningest F3000 Powerboat pilot todate
Drives the team's Boat #25
Represented Team 1Malaysia in theinaugural F1 Nations Cup in Singapore (Nov 2011) and finished on the podium (3rd place) for the Match Race.
Name : Warren Matthew Fernandez
Date of birth : 9th November 1996
Nationality : Malaysia
Youngest son of Robert Fernandez
Made his debut in Powerboat Racing in the KBS F3000 Powerboat Top Gun Challenge Series 2012 - Round 1 in Putrajaya, Feb 2012 at age 15. 
Drives the team's Boat #9
Waiting for his next boat (DAC) ...
Name : Keith Robert Fernandez
Date of birth : 1st August 1990
Nationality : Malaysian
Second son of Robert Fernandez
Hard charging, single minded determination
Looks to his elder brother as the pilot to beat
Name : Simon Saw
Date of birth : 12th May 1966
Nationality : Malaysian
Malaysia's Top Formula 1 Powerboat Pilot
Name : Mohd Haniff bin Borhan
Date of birth : 3rd Jan 1986
Nationality : Malaysian
Name : Scott McCook
Date of birth :
Nationality : New Zealand
Multi-talented and multi-tasked Kiwi who's
into bikes and boards
Accomplished sailor but loves F3000
Powerboat more ...
Name : Raja Adam Raja Alang
Date of birth : 1st June 1971
Nationality : Malaysian
Ever steady, ever reliable Adam
Also makes a great marshall who understands
racing in and out
Also a trained boxer - so watch out! He'll beat
the sh...t out of you in more ways than one