posted Feb 3, 2012, 10:52 PM by Robert Fernandez   [ updated Apr 16, 2012, 3:24 AM ]
We are proud to announce that the Sports Development Division of the Malaysian Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS) in collaboration with the F3000 Powerboat Sports Club of Malaysia will undertake the organization of the inaugural KBS F3000 Powerboat Top Gun Championship Series in 2012. There will be four (4) race events that will be held in Putrajaya spaced out over the year with the first race meet scheduled for the 25-26 February 2012.

The Formula 3000 Powerboat Class is recognized by the Sports Development Division of KBS and Motorised Water Sports Association of Malaysia (PESUAM) as the feeder class and will form the basis for the selection of Team 1Malaysia to represent the country at international events like the F1 Nations Cup Powerboat Championship Series.

All F3000 Poweboat team owners and drivers are invited to participate in this Championship Series to battle for honours and prove their worth.

In line with the objectives of KBS and the F3000 Powerboat Sports Club, we would also to take this opportunity to encourage and provide the facility for citizens of Malaysia, especially for youths to get into powerboat racing by providing a training program where part of the costs will be subsided by KBS.

Those where are interested will attend a two-day training program on 23-24 February and upon meeting the required level of competency will be allowed to race over the weekend with the equipment to be provided. Each participant will have to pay between RM4,000 to RM6,000 (depending on the rating of the boat chosen) for the training and racing program over the four days.

Experienced drivers who do not own an F3000 class powerboat can choose to lease a ‘drive’ to participate in this race event. We also welcome participants from other countries to compete in this championship series. The training program and ‘lease-a-drive’ can be arranged but at non-subsidised rates.

Those who are interested can email to or telephone Robert at 6012-3956615.

Seats / boats are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis.
The tentative schedule for the upcoming event is as follows:-

                                        25 FEB 2012 (Saturday)

                  Time                         Activity

09:00 am                  Team registration

10:00 am                  Team briefing and scrutineering of boats

11:00 am                  Free practice

02:00 pm                  Time trials

03:30 pm                  Match / Drag Race (one on one)

05:00 pm                  Free practise

06:00 pm                  End for the day


                  26 FEB 2012 (Sunday)

                  Time                         Activity

09:00 am                  Team briefing and scrutineering of boats

10:00 am                  Free practice

11:30 am                  Two-seater Powerboat activity

02:45 pm                  Arrival of VIPs

03:00 pm                  Final Race (all boats)

04:00 pm                  Prize giving ceremony

04:30 pm                  Press conference and high-tea

06:00 pm                  End of event


Maritime Centre Putrajaya